Innovative Software Solutions

Knowledge, experience, proficiency and vision makes WebTech a leading digital and Cognitive Computing company

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Since 2007, WebTech has created innovative solutions to complex problems. WebTech has developed products and services that have helped businesses increase their efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline processes. Their solutions have been praised for their scalability and durability, allowing businesses to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Our areas of expertise

 The world of Digital Experience is covered by WebTech in a comprehensive way:

B2C/B2E/B2B portals, mobile applications, form systems, and corporate social networks. WebTech covers the full range of digital experiences, from portals that allow customers to interact with businesses, to mobile apps that allow customers to access information on the go, to form systems that allow customers to fill in and submit information quickly, to corporate social networks that allow employees to communicate and collaborate easily.

Through organizational content management systems, knowledge management systems, and smart search systems, we assist organizations in managing their information and knowledge. These systems allow organizations to store information in a structured and organized way, while also making it easy to search and find the information they need. They also facilitate knowledge sharing by allowing users to easily access and share content with one another.


Leader in AI solutions

Using the most advanced AI technologies, we bring organizations into the era of Cognitive Computing.

By using the best tools available on the market, we are able to produce successful solutions. After conducting market research and technological research, we select the tools that will create specialization and deliver unique knowledge to our clients. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the client's needs. By having access to the most up-to-date technology, we are able to deliver a product that is efficient and reliable, which leads to successful outcomes.

Technology Partnerships 

Since 2007, WebTech has been an important and central business partner of IBM in Israel. Advanced Business Partners are companies like ours. Advanced Business Partner (ABP) is a designation given by IBM to companies that have a strategic relationship with IBM. To become an ABP, a company must meet certain criteria set by IBM, including financial stability, commitment to IBM products and solutions, and a certain level of IBM product certifications.

Liferay, a leading open-source portal product, appointed the company as its business partner in Israel in 2013. This appointment has allowed the company to expand its reach and build brand awareness in the Israeli market.


Strong customer base

Among the company's Enterprise clients are Bank Hapoalim, Discount Bank, the International Bank, Menorah-Mvathim, Amidar, the Ministry of Transportation, the Civil Aviation Authority, United KPF, Electra, Bezeq, Pelephone, Dexel and more. These clients rely on the company to provide them with high-quality services and solutions that meet their business needs.


Multichannel, multi-knowledge solution - Botica

As one of the leading companies in Israel in the implementation of corporate portals, WebTech has integrated free language analysis, search tools, and chatbots (under the Botica brand) to improve the experience of using and accessing information in a fast and personal manner. The company leverages its expertise in portals and knowledge management along with its expertise in language analysis and its tweaking solution, Botica.

Botica helps users find the information they need quickly and accurately by using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. The chatbot helps users interact with the portal in a more personalized way and allows them to ask questions in their own words. The search tools help users find the right information fast, and language analysis helps identify topics and trends that are relevant to the user. .


Market leadership 

Based on the STKI market survey for 2022 and 2020, WebTech has a strong position in the Israeli market. Particularly in the areas of Portals, Knowledge Management, Data, Search, and Digital.